Cardboard Baler Machines Cardboard Compactors

Cardboard baler machine, also known as strapping machine , is the use of strapping wrapping products or packaging, and then tighten and melt through the ends of the heat effect or use the buckle and other materials linked machine.

Product Details

Cardboard baler features

1 adaptability: do not need to replace any part can be applied to 6 ~ 15mm PP belt;

2. more efficient: just 1.5 seconds for each bundle;

Instantaneous heating: 5 seconds after boot to enter the best packing state;

4. Good safety: thermal system hot melt design only 1V voltage;

5. Practical and convenient: the bottom with casters to facilitate mobile devices;

6 stable operation: electromagnetic clutch, fast and smooth; even shaft drive, fast speed, low noise, less wear and tear, low failure rate;

7. For major factories, e-commerce delivery.



Cardboard baler is mainly for commercial, postal, railways, banking food, medicine, books and periodicals, distribution and other industries cartons, wooden boxes, paper bags, wicker boxes, cloth bags of packaging and strapping. After inserting the packing tape, the machine can automatically complete the tape, blinds, heat, cut and out of tape, and equipped with automatic shutdown function. Automatic polyethylene plastic for the binding material, Work speed, high efficiency, save time and effort, high-quality packaging.



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A:Our factory is near shanghai Airport, we can pick you up in the airport.

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